What listing prep item is often overlooked?

What listing prep item is often overlooked?

  • Ben Faber
  • 05/25/23

What listing prep item is often overlooked?

Are you thinking of selling and want to know a listing prep tip that often gets overlooked? Spoiler alert! It's window washing! We typically advise our sellers to schedule the service the day before photography so their home shows its best on camera and for its grand appearance on the market!

Some sellers think they have to take on the responsibility to prepare their homes for the market on their own. This is not the case when you work with us!

Our listing team consists of 5 licensed agents, project managers, vendors, and designers standing by to help you prepare your home for market with services like window washing, staging, and more!

Our trained professionals work collaboratively with you and our listing team to ensure your home is presented in a manner that attracts the most amount of buyers without over-improving your home. The balance of what home improvement items to address or not should be left to your listing professionals - they do this day in and out, not once or twice in a lifetime!  

Even better? Our sellers don't have to worry about the initial out-of-pocket expenses associated with selling. Compass Concierge pays for vendor-provided services such as painting, flooring, and more to improve your home’s value. Once your home sells, we’ll collect the cost of services utilized and nothing more.

Sellers, really wow buyers on the presentation of your home when working with us and get the maximum value out of your asset.

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