Unveiling the Best of Novato's Neighborhoods: A Guide by the Faber Real Estate Team

Unveiling the Best of Novato's Neighborhoods: A Guide by the Faber Real Estate Team

  • Faber Real Estate Team
  • 11/30/23

Unveiling the Best of Novato's Neighborhoods: A Guide by the Faber Real Estate Team

Novato, a gem in Marin County, offers a diverse range of neighborhoods, each with its unique charm and appeal. Here's an exploration of the top five neighborhoods that make Novato a sought-after destination for homeowners.

Exploring the Top Neighborhoods in Novato, Marin County

1. Bel Marin Keys: A Unique Waterfront Lifestyle

Bel Marin Keys, off the Ignacio exit, is a true waterfront gem. This community offers residents direct access to their boats and breathtaking views of Mount Tam, San Francisco, and Mount Burdell. It’s an ideal place for those who dream of a life by the water.

2. Loma Verde: A Blend of Nature and Community

Loma Verde, a neighborhood cherished for its family-friendly atmosphere, offers a perfect balance between community living and access to nature. It's a place where residents enjoy a peaceful lifestyle with the convenience of nearby amenities.

3. Pointe Marin: Modern Elegance Meets Convenience

Pointe Marin is known for its modern and elegant homes. This neighborhood appeals to those seeking a contemporary lifestyle with the benefit of being close to shopping centers, restaurants, and other urban conveniences.

4. Country Club Estates: Luxury Living in a Serene Setting

Country Club Estates, surrounding the Marin Country Club, is a neighborhood synonymous with luxury. Here, residents indulge in amenities like golf, tennis, and swimming, all set against the backdrop of Marin County’s stunning natural beauty.

5. Rush Creek: Contemporary Homes in a Mature Neighborhood

Rush Creek, recognized for its newer homes and quality construction, offers a blend of modern living in a well-established community. It's a neighborhood that boasts spacious lots and a sense of traditional charm.


Novato’s neighborhoods each offer their unique allure, from waterfront living to modern conveniences and luxury amenities. These communities provide a diverse range of living experiences, making Novato a desirable location in Marin County.


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