May 2024 Marin County Real Estate Trends: Key Insights for Buyers and Sellers

May 2024 Marin County Real Estate Trends: Key Insights for Buyers and Sellers

  • Faber Real Estate Team
  • 06/8/24

May 2024 Marin County Real Estate Trends: Key Insights for Buyers and Sellers


Welcome to our comprehensive Marin County Real Estate Market Report for May 2024. This report offers in-depth analysis and insights into the current market trends across various cities in Marin County, providing valuable information for both buyers and sellers. By understanding these trends, you can make informed decisions, whether you're looking to purchase a new home or sell your property. Our detailed breakdown covers key metrics such as homes for sale, homes sold, and median sale prices, ensuring you stay ahead in the ever-changing real estate market.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations for May 2024


  • Homes for Sale: 11
  • Homes Sold: 4
  • Median Sale Price: $3,150,000

As a luxury market, Sausalito continues to attract high-end buyers. With a limited number of sales, buyers should be prepared for competition and potentially quick decision-making. Sellers can expect strong interest, particularly for well-maintained and uniquely positioned properties.

Buyer Tip: Have financing pre-approved and be ready to act swiftly.

Seller Tip: Highlight unique property features to attract discerning buyers.


  • Homes for Sale: 16
  • Homes Sold: 6
  • Median Sale Price: $3,475,000

Tiburon's market remains robust with high median prices indicating continued demand for luxury homes. Buyers need to be competitive, while sellers can take advantage of the high market interest.

Buyer Tip: Work with a local expert to find hidden gems.

Seller Tip: Staging and professional photography can maximize your selling price.


  • Homes for Sale: 15
  • Homes Sold: 3
  • Median Sale Price: $3,423,000

With fewer transactions but high prices, Belvedere remains an exclusive market. Buyers need patience and a strong financial position, while sellers can benefit from the limited inventory.

Buyer Tip: Be ready to negotiate on premium listings.

Seller Tip: Market the exclusivity and premium nature of your property.

Mill Valley

  • Homes for Sale: 47
  • Homes Sold: 27
  • Median Sale Price: $2,800,000

Mill Valley shows high activity, indicating a vibrant and desirable market. Buyers should move quickly due to high competition, while sellers benefit from the active interest.

Buyer Tip: Be proactive and ready to offer close to or above asking price.

Seller Tip: Ensure your home is in top condition to stand out in a busy market.

Corte Madera

  • Homes for Sale: 6
  • Homes Sold: 2
  • Median Sale Price: $1,912,500

The market here appears more balanced, though slightly cautious. Buyers can find opportunities with less competition, and sellers should price realistically to attract buyers.

Buyer Tip: Take your time to find the right property without rushing.

Seller Tip: Competitive pricing is key to attracting offers.


  • Homes for Sale: 13
  • Homes Sold: 0
  • Median Sale Price: $2,598,750

With no sales recorded, the market may be experiencing a pause. Buyers should look for motivated sellers, while sellers may need to be patient or consider price adjustments.

Buyer Tip: Look for opportunities where sellers are motivated.

Seller Tip: Be flexible with pricing or incentives to attract buyers.


  • Homes for Sale: 8
  • Homes Sold: 10
  • Median Sale Price: $3,700,000

High demand with more homes sold than listed shows a seller's market. Buyers need to be prepared for competitive bidding, while sellers can expect quick sales.

Buyer Tip: Prepare for competitive offers and act decisively.

Seller Tip: Expect a quick sale if your home is well-presented.


  • Homes for Sale: 6
  • Homes Sold: 5
  • Median Sale Price: $4,825,000

Ross maintains its status as a premium market with high prices and steady sales. Buyers need significant financial readiness, and sellers can leverage the high demand.

Buyer Tip: Ensure your finances are strong to compete in this high-end market.

Seller Tip: Market the exclusivity and premium value of your property.

San Anselmo

  • Homes for Sale: 18
  • Homes Sold: 10
  • Median Sale Price: $2,165,000

A balanced market with steady activity suggests a stable environment for both buyers and sellers.

Buyer Tip: Look for homes with good value and potential for appreciation.

Seller Tip: Highlight neighborhood features and community benefits.


  • Homes for Sale: 9
  • Homes Sold: 9
  • Median Sale Price: $1,675,000

A one-to-one ratio of listings to sales shows strong demand. Buyers should be ready to act quickly, while sellers can expect their homes to sell if priced right.

Buyer Tip: Be prepared to make quick decisions and competitive offers.

Seller Tip: Price your home competitively to ensure a swift sale.

San Rafael

  • Homes for Sale: 63
  • Homes Sold: 36
  • Median Sale Price: $1,545,000

High inventory and sales volumes make San Rafael a dynamic market. Buyers have choices, while sellers benefit from steady demand.

Buyer Tip: Take advantage of the variety in listings to find your ideal home.

Seller Tip: Ensure your home stands out with good presentation and pricing.


  • Homes for Sale: 44
  • Homes Sold: 26
  • Median Sale Price: $1,375,215

Novato offers significant activity at more accessible price points, making it attractive for a broader range of buyers. The market is active with steady sales and moderate prices.

Buyer Tip: Look for value and potential in this active market.

Seller Tip: Highlight the affordability and community aspects of Novato to attract buyers.


May 2024’s market data highlights the varied dynamics across Marin County. From luxury markets to more accessible areas, understanding these insights helps buyers and sellers navigate effectively. This detailed breakdown gives you an overview of the market activity across different cities in Marin County. The median sale prices and the number of homes sold indicate the market's performance and can help you strategize your next move, whether you're looking to buy or sell. 

For more detailed insights and personalized advice, contact the Faber Real Estate Team. We are committed to being The Key To Your Dreams® and guiding you through every step of your real estate journey.


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