What to look for when hiring your listing broker/agent?

  • 03/11/22

What to look for when hiring your listing broker/agent? 

First of all congratulations! You are at a point in your life where you are considering buying or selling a home. This process does not need to be stressful. It is an exciting experience and life change and here are some tips to help navigate the process. 

How many deals has your agent closed in the past 12 months? Ask your agent to send you their 12 month sales history. We recommend (12+ listings sold in the last 12 months) Ask the agent to show you how many listings they have done in the past year. You want to work with an agent that knows the current market. The real estate market is ever evolving and you need to work with an agent that knows today's market. Also, when it comes to experience, we find that transaction count is a better indication of experience rather than overall sales volume. For example, one agent could have listed and closed a $5M deal and another agent could have listed (5) $1M deals. The agent that listed 5 homes has more experience than the agent who closed one deal. Some may argue that the agent who closes lower volume deals is less experienced in the luxury market but we would argue against it
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How is your agent valuing your property? Is your agent presenting you with a comparative market analysis (CMA) to deliver pricing advice to support an attractive listing price and estimated sale price range? We are firm believers that price is one of the biggest reasons why a property will sell for its highest and best price. Pricing too high in real estate is considered the kiss of death. Sellers have one opportunity out the gate to grab the attention of interested buyers and pricing too high (even if it is at market value) reduces the number of interested buyers which ultimately reduces the number of offers). The best strategy is to price to create value. The attractive value will create demand. Demand dictates a marketplace and ultimately in this example, the highest and best price for your home. To take it further, Instead of getting one offer at market value you receive multiple offers from interested buyers who become emotionally invested in your property and bid against one another (bidding war) ultimately getting you top dollar.
How is the agent helping you prepare your home? (preferred vendors to paint, landscape, stage, etc.)  A seasoned and experienced agent will know what work you need to complete to prepare your home for market. An agent who can advise you on listing prep that reflects buyer market trends is almost more valuable than simply the agents stats. An agent who tells you your home doesn’t need at a minimum paint, landscape, and staging, is just trying to win the listing and tell you what you want to hear. Ask the agent for before and afters of examples of their work with stats to support it. The listing preparation is the difference between one offer and a feeding frenzy.  We find that clients who follow our listing preparation advice often receive multiple offers and well over asking. (In 2021 up to 8/12/21 115% list price sale price ratio).  
(professional photography, 3D tour, video, list on MLS, open houses, for sale sign, digital ads, etc.) ask your agent what kind of marketing they provide for you. Make sure they offer all of the services above at their expense. Although, the best results come with a marriage of all advice we are providing, at a minimum, make sure your agent puts your home on the open market! Let us say that again. Do not let your agent convince you to sell your home off market. There is no way to receive the highest and best price for your home when exposing it to a very small and limited buyer pool off market. The contract actually has a page explaining the disadvantages of selling off market. Sellers have to sign off on this when agreeing to list their home to protect the broker from liability. Why would you allow this if you have a choice and know the risk of a lower sales price? As for virtual and print marketing, today’s buyer is tech savvy and connected. As of (2021 per reference source) (insert data point ie 80% of home buyers are searching online for a home. A listing agent has (insert data point ie 5 seconds) to catch the attention of buyers shopping online. Once captured you need to retain that interest and provide them with best in class marketing that showcases the floor plan and lifestyle virtually. To emphasize, proper marketing increases buyer demand and interest, which allows you to receive the highest sales price.
What services do they provide? There are many agents and teams out there that claim to have added services for their clients. Make sure to find out just what those added services are and ensure there are no hidden fees. When you work with a us, you have access to two best in business services: Bridge Loan Service & Compass Concierge. 
Bridge Loan Service : Buy before you sell so you can make a competitive offer, transition comfortably, and sell for top dollar! Get up to six months of your bridge loan payments and other associated costs fronted — an exclusive offering when you work with us, regardless of the lender you use. 
Compass Concierge: Sell faster, for more money, and less stress! Get fronted up to $75K for the cost of home improvement services with no interest — ever. Even better? Our team will manage the work for you!
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