Navigating Marin County Property Taxes: What You Need to Know

Navigating Marin County Property Taxes: What You Need to Know

  • Faber Real Estate Team
  • 10/3/23

Navigating Marin County Property Taxes: What You Need to Know

Are you considering buying or selling a property in beautiful Marin County? Perhaps you've recently moved to the area and are curious about property taxes. Faber Real Estate Team is here to guide you through the ins and outs of property taxes in Marin County.

Understanding Marin County Property Taxes

Property taxes are a part of homeownership that often raises questions. In Marin County, property tax is paid twice a year, on April 10th and December 10th. The amount you pay is based on the assessed value of your property, which typically begins with the purchase price of your home. Marin County has an estimated tax rate of 1.25%, but it's important to note that there are other taxes that may be included, depending on your specific location within the county.

Impound or Escrow Accounts: A Convenient Option

If you'd rather not deal with the hassle of making individual property tax payments twice a year, there's an option that might suit you. It's called an impound or escrow account. With this option, your property tax payments are included in your monthly mortgage payment. It's a convenient choice for those who prefer to let their money work for them elsewhere.

The Benefits of Impound or Escrow Accounts

Why choose an impound or escrow account? It all comes down to financial strategy. Some homeowners like to keep their capital liquid so they can invest it elsewhere, whether that's in a savings account with a decent interest rate or the dynamic world of the stock market. By making those twice-annual property tax payments a part of their monthly mortgage, they free up their capital for other opportunities.

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At the Faber Real Estate Team, we understand that every homeowner's situation is unique. Whether you're a Marin County local or a newcomer, our experienced team is ready to assist you in finding the best real estate solutions to suit your needs. We have an extensive network of agents who can help you navigate the Marin County real estate market and provide guidance on property taxes, impound accounts, and much more.

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