Best Exterior Paints

Best Exterior Paints

  • Faber Real Estate Team
  • 12/8/21

2021 Consumer Reports Best Exterior Paints 



Behr Marquee Exterior

This brilliant, long-lasting sheen gives windows, doors, shutters, patio furniture and more a perfectly polished look and vibrant colours. It has excellent fade resistance, Advanced Dirt and Early Rain Resistance, single coat coverage in over 700 colors and great adhesion to chalk-like surfaces. It is also ideal for surfaces such as handrails and wrought iron.


Behr Ultra Exterior

Provides additional protection against damage from sunlight and moisture. This paint creates a subtle style touch that looks great on a variety of exterior surfaces. It has a high-performance antifouling paint and primer, excellent durability and hiding power with a small number of layers,  and antifouling properties, low-temperature use, and an improved antifungal surface.


Sherwin-Williams Emerald Exterior Paint

With this premium paint and primer, you get stunning visual results that stand up to long-term testing in fewer coats with exceptional beauty and outstanding coverage. Provides resistance to blisters, flakes, fading and dust build-up, and a mildew-resistant finish. Self-priming, smooth, and uniform in shape. It also meets the most stringent VOC regulations and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


Behr Premium Plus Exterior

This traditional anti-reflective matte finish minimizes surface defects on wood and vinyl siding. Ideal in achieving a classic exterior wall for your home. It also offers great modifications to help maintain its appearance. It features 100% Acrylic, low VOC formula, a durable finish that is resistant to moisture, tarnish,es and stains, premium leather, an excellent coat, and all-climate protection.


Valspar DuraMax Exterior

HighHiding paints and primers with FlexShield365 technology form an impermeable bond that connects and seals microcracks, providing reliable weather protection even in extreme climates. Offers the best worry-free weather protection, year-round resistance to cracks and flakes, mold and algae resistance, low-temperature application, and good fading resistance.


Sherwin-Williams Duration Exterior Paint

The Duration Premium exterior coating is formulated with PermaLast technology and is reinforced with advanced acrylic copolymers for long-term performance. It is self-priming and provides a mildew-resistant coating. External work is done quickly as only one repainting and two new coats are required.


Glidden Premium Exterior

Glidden Premium exterior paints and primers are ideal for covering all facades, cornices and gutters. Specially formulated with 100% acrylic for a protection to UV rays, fading, and all weather conditions. Ideal for wood, gypsum, concrete, fiber cement board, weathered aluminum, weathered vinyl cladding and metals.


Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior 

Featuring unique color lock technology, Aura Exterior offers unparalleled performance for rich colors and unmatched durability. The High build Formula provides superior hiding with fewer coatings. It offers excellent durability even in harsh weather conditions, lifetime warranty, extended painting season with low-temperature use, excellent adhesion, quick-drying, and high-speed overpainting. 


HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams WeatherShield Paint

The dirt and stain-resistant paints and primers on the WeatherShield exterior are equipped with advanced all-weather protection that protects the painted surface from harsh weather conditions. A formula that hides existing dirt that has been crushed into dirt and debris. WeatherShield Exterior brings out the beauty and value of a home that will stand the test of time.

RANK 10:

Glidden High Endurance Plus Exterior

Offered at an exceptional price, this exterior paint is ideal for many exterior projects such as well-prepared exterior wood, brick, stone, concrete, weathered aluminum, weathered vinyl siding, and primed metal substrates. This 100% acrylic paint provides excellent resistance to fading, cracking, and exfoliation.

RANK 11:


Ace Royal Exterior

Royal Exterior Paint is a proven classic. It provides excellent adhesion and durability. It also provides weather protection and mildew-resistant coating to a variety of exterior surfaces. Taking advantage of this paint and primer together reduces the number of steps one needs to take in painting, and therefore saves time. Can be tinted and matched to all colors in the Clark + Kensington color palette or with any color.

RANK 12:

Valspar Storm Coat 

A 100% acrylic, professional-quality, exterior latex paint formulated to provide exceptional durability and mildew resistance. It can be applied at temperatures up to 35°F, making the painting season extend. Storm Coat provides a smooth, uniform finish by spraying, brushing or rollering, and can be applied to a variety of exterior surfaces such as wood and metal siding, fiberboard, fiber cement board, vinyl, rags, finishes including primed metal, brick, cement, and more. 

RANK 13:

Kilz Complete Coat

Premium acrylic paint with low VOC, low odor, and excellent hide. It is scrubbable, easy to retouch, resistant to dirt, fading, and peeling. It also provides a mold-resistant surface.

RANK 14:

Color Place Exterior

Recommended for aluminum and wood siding and doors and trim. It is washable and highly durable. A coat of paint that will work astoundingly for your home improvement efforts, whether you're painting indoors or out. ColorPlace has you covered. 

RANK 15:

Color Place Ultra Exterior

ColorPlace Exterior SemiGloss House Paint is available in thousands of decorator colors. This premium finish ensures durability and is easy to apply and clean. Offers Long-lasting external latex formula. It can be applied easily to properly prepared wood, vinyl, aluminum siding, plaster, and brickwork, as well as doors and decorations. 


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